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I couldn't agree more...


I think you hit the nail right on the head. I myself went to Catholic school and penmanship was a class I had every day and I was graded on it. It never helped because my handwriting is pretty sad however I can read handwritten notes and letters.

It breaks my heart to think that someday my own grandchildren will not be able to read handwritten notes of love I've sent to them because they weren't taught to read cursive. I guess I had better not enumerate them in roman numerals either or they won’t know what to think!

amanda cerrone

Philadelpia education has always been poor,alot of times i noticed that it would depend on the teacher instead of the curriculum,infact i learned cursive and roman numerals when i went to school in New Jersey I reamber it perfectly I was in the second grade.

Don't worry about the kids mom,when we move school district is the number one thing we will be looking at.Williamstown is ranked #4 in all of New Jersey and I will be all over my babies education.

Cookie is going into high school soon right? How can you enter high school and not know cursive? Unfortunately philly is broke and the kids are the ones that are suffering.

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